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Can my loved ones watch me run through the obstacle course?

Yes, we have buses taking spectators from the race start to the obstacle course and back again through-out the entire race.

I registered as an individual, but now I want to run as a team with my friends?

Have your friends sign up on line as individuals, then have the team captain e-mail us with your team name (12 characters ONLY) and the name of all team members along with the division you wish to compete in. we will make the changes.

I have registered as a team of 3, but my team mates don’t want to compete anymore?

We apologize, but there are no refunds. Advise you to replace your team mates or elect to run as an individual. Simply e-mail us with your decision so we may reissue you new race bibs.

When will the race results be posted on-line?

All race results will be posted online 24hrs after the end of the race.

How can I train for this race?

#1 Build your running stamina up to 3 miles, and #2 Work on your upper body strength by doing minimum 10 push-ups.

What time is the Award Ceremony?

Award Ceremony will start at 1130.

How long is the race?

3 miles

How many obstacles are there?

Over 50 obstacles.

What kind of obstacles will there be?

Hay stacks, logs, tunnels, push-ups, 6-foot walls, bayonet, trenches, low crawl, plank, etc.

How many Drill Instructors?

Over 60 Drill Instructors.

Will there be water on the course?

Yes, there will be two water points along the race course.

What date is BootCamp Challenge?

BootCamp Challenge 2016 will take place on Saturday, October 1.

Where does Bootcamp Challenge take place?

BootCamp Challenge will take place at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD) San Diego on the Commanding General's Lawn. 3800 Chosin Ave, San Diego, CA 92140.

Will there be medical personnel on the course in the event of an injury?

Yes, there will be a Medical Tent available on site and on the course.

What time do I need to arrive?

We recommend that you arrive at your designated gate of the base no later than 1 1/2 hours prior to your race start.

What time does check-in start?


Do I have to pay to park?


Will you have bag check at the venue?

Bag check is available at the bag check tent, but DO NOT have your valuables in the bags, leave them at home.

Where do I Pre-Register?

When is the last day to Pre-Register?

Pre-registration will close at 11:55 pm PST on Wednesday, 28 September 2016.

What is the age requirement?


How much is it to participate in the race?

$39/person for pre-registration. Day-of Registration will be $45/person.

Where is Day-of Registration?

Participants must go to the small red Marine Corps tent and fill out a scantron form, then proceed to Day-of Registration tent.

How do I receive my packets in the mail?

In order to receive your bibs in the mail, you must register online by Monday, 5 September 2016. The packet includes your race numbers and course information. Note: Team captains will be mailed all bibs and information for the entire team if all members sign the waiver by 5 September. Otherwise, a waiver will be sent to the captain for all members to sign.

I registered online and did not receive my bibs in the mail?

You can pick up your race bibs at the Pre-Registration tent under your last name.

What makes you qualified for the Elite Category?

Females running under 9 minute miles and males under 8 minute miles qualify for the Elite Category.

What types of facilities are available?

Porta-jons are available for participants and spectators at the west end of the race venue.

Will there be handicapped units available?


Where do I find my official race time?

Results will be posted on-site as participants complete the race, look for the "Results" flag. On Monday, 28 September 2015, all official race results will be posted on

Do teams have to stay together?

Yes, teams are required to cross the finish line at the SAME time.

Can team members assist each other to complete obstacles?


Will you be selling beer?

Yes. With a valid ID, 21 and up can purchase beer. Please, do not drink and drive. Call a cab at 619-291-3333.

Can we purchase Bootcamp Challenge merchandise at the event?

Yes, at the Adrageous Tent. They will have hoodies, hats, shirts, etc.

Can we purchase USMC merchandise at the event?

Yes, at the Museum Tent.

Will there be an ATM machine?


Can spectators go on to the course to watch family and friends?


How do I get to the obstacle course?

Walk under the archway and look for the banner that says "Bus Pick-Up". A bus will drive you to the obstacle course and back.

Are pets allowed?

Although we love them, pets are not allowed at the race site on this military installation - we appreciate your support!

Are strollers allowed on the course?

Sorry, no baby stroller or children under the age of 15 allowed on the course.

Where can I get water to hydrate for the race?

Go to the large red Marine Corps tent. Oranges and bananas will be available as well.

When will the race start?


What are the waves?

0900 - First Wave, Elite
0905 - 2nd Wave, Male Individuals
0915 - 3rd Wave, Female Individuals
0925 - 4th Wave, 3 Person Teams
0935 - 5th Wave, 5 Person Teams

Can I change my team category?

Yes, at the Customer Service Tent.

Do you allow substitues?

Yes, if you are substituting a team member, have the new team member sign the event waiver. THIS IS ALL YOU NEED TO DO TO SUBSTITUTE A TEAM MEMBER.

What type of race timing system will you use?


How are teams timed?

All teams must cross together.

Do we get t-shirts?

Yes. Each participant will receive a Bootcamp Challenge event shirt.

Where do I get my t-shirt?

T-shirts can be picked up at the T-shirt tent.

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